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Tianjin Santroll Electric Automobile Technology Co.,Ltd.
Committed to the development of various types of drive systems

Tianjin Santroll Electric Automobile Technology Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2001 and is located in the Airport Economic Zone, Binhai New Area, Tianjin, covering an area of more than 60 acres. The company has a registered capital of 73.22 million CNY and more than 700 employees, including more than 320 R&D engineers.

The company is committed to the development of various types of drive systems, and has applied for 1233 patents. The main products are electric drive controllers and core components of flat wire motors, which are widely used in electric commercial vehicles, construction vehicles, electric ships, electric heavy-duty drones, rail transportation, intelligent distribution, service robots, electric bicycles, construction machinery, Seaport and airport special equipment and other fields.

The company will always adhere to the concept of "limitless technology creates unlimited energy", actively embrace the era of global electrification, and become a leader in the electric drive industry.

  • 23YEAR

    From 2001

  • 700+


  • 1233


Products and Solutions
Electric Ship
The high power density Flat wire design propulsion motor with inverters, serving the application of Electric boat. This series of products are compact in design, outside coating treatment done to avoid corrosion, resistant to high temperature and high humidity salt fog environment, with high reliability, low noise, low vibration and zero emission performance advantages. It is suitable for large sailboats, catamarans, small passenger ships and cruise ships, commercial work ships and large inland cruise boats or large barges. The application of high-precision sensors and software control algorithms can be applied to autonomous intelligent boats.
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Electric Scooter
Our scooter control system could be applied to product range of kid's scooters, electric scooters and remote control scooters. Our product is equipped with under voltage protection, anti-flying protection, brake powering-off protection, brake GND wire dropout and MOS breakdown protection for users' safety.
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Santroll's control systems could be applied in the range of pedelecs, sharing E-bikes, electric moped and are widely used in urban, mountain, road, travel and other scenarios. They are compatible with motor power from 250W to 1500W, and we provide customized solutions for customers.
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Electric Motorcycle
Santroll could provide customized control solutions for a wide range of power motors, and can be compatible with motor power range from 500 to 5000W.
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Including High&Low Voltage forklift with payload 0.8 to 16tons, with Voltage ranging from 24-600V.compatible with both permanent magnetic motor and induction motor. and introduced the synchronous reluctance system to market.
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Relying on mature AC asynchronous electronic control technology, Santroll launched full AC aerial vehicle solutions, ECU-free aerial vehicle controller solutions, product NEDC increased by 20%, more simplified system solutions. Lead the development of electric control industry in the subdivision field of aerial vehicles.
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Other E-industrial Solution
For intelligent port unmanned vehicles and container transport vehicles, SANTROLL introduces hybrid and pure electric motor, motor controller and steering drive system for unmanned driving with low energy consumption, low noise and low maintenance cost. For unmanned industrial logistics vehicles, provide driving solutions and steering system solutions. Explosion-proof flameproof motor and motor controller are provided for mine unmanned vehicles and explosion-proof vehicles.
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Service Robot
High efficiency,high torque density and precision wheel hub motor,mid-mounted motor,with controller that adopts vector control algorithm, can precisely control the position, speed and torque, is easy to installation, debugging. It is suitable for intelligent mobile application scenarios such as food delivery robot, guide robot, medical supplies delivery robot, express terminal delivery robot, commercial cleaning robot, inspection robot, wire control chassis, wheel and foot robot, etc.
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